5 easy ways to leave customers feeling good about your service

Customers are what drive your business’s success and good customer service is the key to turning a new customer into a profitable, long term business relationship. Good customer service isn’t hard, nor is it expensive. In fact, many of the best moves you can make to improve your customer service are free. Here are five ways to leave your customer feeling good about your service.

What happens when bad customer service is received?

Bad customer service is one of most expensive costs a business can incur.

It is particularly destructive because it is not very visible to managers. It doesn’t appear on a profit and loss statement or any management accounts, but it can have more of an effect on your bottom line than anything that does. So, what exactly happens when bad customer service is received?

10 Good Customer Service Tips for Property Management

10 Good Customer Service Tips for Property Management

The property management business is a dynamic terrain that presents many opportunities and setbacks.

The competition in property management is very stiff. However, a shrewd manager can leverage client support to stay ahead of competition. Client support is an essential requirement for the success of any business and this is particularly relevant in real estate. Client support helps you build a vibrant rapport with existing tenants and this often translates brand loyalty, increased profitability and sustainable operations.If you struggle with creating good rapport with occupants, the following guideline will reposition you to create an effective client support for your property management business:

Commercial Cleaning Company: Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction

Knowing the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction is the key to winning and retaining contracts for a commercial cleaning company. Customer service often equates to merely fulfilling the terms of contract. Technically the customer is happy and the cleaning company management can adopt a hands off approach as long as their team is carrying out their duties properly. However, by not engaging with the customer and trying to exceed their expectations, or by not actively monitoring their requirements so the cleaning company can identify areas of improvement or anticipate potential problems, the cleaning company does not build the kind of relationship that leads to customer loyalty. While that may be acceptable to some cleaning company managers, all it takes is for a rival company to offer the same terms at a lower price for the customer to switch suppliers. After all, if there is no extra benefit to paying a little more for one company, why do it?