“What does “clean office” really mean?”

Clean seems like a simple concept, but in reality it is a very inexact standard. Look around the desks in any office and you can see the full range of what people consider clean. In most cases, we concentrate on the visual. If it looks clean, then it is clean. This is a grave mistake. To see just why, let’s look at a standard we can all agree on. While we may be fine with our desks being sort of clean, we are never okay with our bodies being sort of healthy.We want the very best for our health and this is what the gold standard should be for a clean office.

Cleaning is, at its most basic, an effort to protect our health and safety.

We shouldn’t consider somewhere clean until it is an environment that is beneficial to our health. If a facility looks and smells nice but still has bacteria on surfaces and in the air then it isn’t clean. Unfortunately, that often isn’t easy and people are inclined to take the easy option. They will be satisfied with somewhere looking neat, rather than have to do the kind of intensive work that makes a facility really clean.

What happens when good customer service is received?

What happens when good customer service is received?

Good customer service is ranked as one of the most important aspects of a business by its clients. It’s often hard to explain just why and how it has such a big effect though. It’s obvious that if you’re good to your customers, they will be happy but exactly what benefits and opportunities does it present you with?