Most productive people keep their work spaces organized. Or at least, they start each day that way…

An organized work area is less irritating mentally. And it helps sharpen your focus when you get down to business.

But organizing your office means you’ve got to develop some good habits. And you’ve got to improve your “long-term” planning.We’ll mention 7 tips to help you out with the job…

By practicing these tips, you can maintain an immaculate work space!

(1) Clean Up Clutter At the End of Each Work Day.

Once your work day is over, it’s time to clean up.

A lot of people prefer to do this at the start of a new work day. But this is not something we recommend you do…

Starting your workday with a cleanup kills your drive. It kills your energy and most creativity that comes after a good night of sleep.

Cleaning up at the start of a workday creates a dreadful feeling. And it’s not going to make your job enjoyable.

At most, your morning cleanups should involve clearing dust from your desk. That’s it!

(2) Don’t Clean Clutter While Working.

Just look at pictures of Einstein’s office for inspiration.

When working, don’t clean up. You don’t want to cut focus off the task that’s in front of you…

You should clean up after work, but not during work.

Do note that this doesn’t just involve clutter. It also include dusting, mopping, and relocating items in your work space.

Pre-plan all of the previous. They should be timed routines, instead of things you do on the spot!

(3) Embrace the Digital World.

Most physical items you own have software equivalents.

Let’s go with a few examples…

Instead of owning a calculator, just work with the one on your phone. And instead of storing endless documentation, keep everything on a computer.

Maybe you have a physical calendar on your desk. Get rid of that, and get a calendar app for your work needs.

Or maybe you have sticky notes all over the place. You don’t need those, when a PC sticky note app can help you out!

Digitizing everything you do saves space. And saving space always means less clutter.

This will take pressure off you having to clean up. And it’ll make it easier for you to find items that you actually need!

(4) Get Rid of Non-Work Related Items.

Maybe you have a magazine you don’t need in the midst of the clutter. Or, you might have a few photos frames that you should set aside…

Non-work related items take up space too. And they make it hard to manage the mess that’s around you.

As part of your long-term planning, we recommend you get rid of non-work related items. What has nothing to do with work should be somewhere else…

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(5) Do You Need More Space?

If you’ve got too much clutter that’s hard to organize, get a bigger platform.

This may be a new desk. Or, you might need a larger work room/cubicle instead!

But space doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger desk. It could also involve a new cabinet to help you store items.

Cabinets let you store everything, from paperwork to electronics.

(6) Your Work space is For Work Only.

Don’t bring your lunch to your work space. Don’t clutter your desk with boxes and plates of food.

Not only is this bad work ethic, but it’s messy. You’ll be less organized this way, where you’ll be distracted from work by food.

The messiness may ruin some important work you are doing. You may for example end up with food stains on important documentation.

So keep food away from your work space. You’ll maintain better organization for yourself and your desk!

(7) Weekend “Major” Cleanups.

You might have a lot of junk in your drawers and storage cabinets. This may make it hard for you to maintain an organized work space.

Why? It’s because cluttered storage means missing office items. And this makes it easier for you to be messy.

So at the end of each week, do a major cleanup. Sift through all your drawers and file cabinets, and organize everything in place.

A major weekend cleanup not only makes you organized, but it makes you more efficient.

When you’re less likely to have items lost, you’ll focus better. And you’ll get work done faster!

If You Still Have Trouble Being Organized…

Consider hiring a professional.

A professional service can assist with routine cleaning and organization once a month or weekly to lessen the burden giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

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