6 questions to ask before hiring a commercial cleaner in Chicago

Hiring commercial cleaner in Chicago a can be an uneasy process. You have a lot of companies to choose from. And you need to look for the best, in quality and budget before hiring a commercial cleaner.

Also, you’ll often use the services of a cleaning contractor. Your relationship with the contractor is long-term, where they’ll do occasional premises cleanups.

It could be a business premises. Or it could be a large home you own. Regardless, you’re going to do a lot of interviewing. It’s a process that’ll save you time and money wasted on defective contractors.

So to start off here are 6 essential questions to ask when hiring a commercial cleaner:

1. Can you provide a summary of your commercial cleaning experience?

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This question probes the business for their industry experience.

You want to know how long they’ve been working in the cleaning field. The longer the better, since it shows experience in handling many jobs.Also, ask about their previous clients. And the number of accounts they’ve serviced before.

Your aim is to check for the amount of experience the prospect company has. It allows you to weed out inexperienced companies can possibly risk you a lot.

Speaking of risk…

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2. Do You Have Insurance?

Accidents happen, especially when cleaning facilities. In case they do, you don’t want to foot the bill. You don’t want to hemorrhage 5-6 digits for the recovery of an employee, or to restore an asset.

Thus, make sure that your prospect company is insured. Minimally, they should have General Liabilities Insurance, Umbrella Policies, and Workers Compensation Insurance. The insurance should be at least $1 million for worker compensation and general liability.

As for umbrella policies, $5 million is the recommended minimum.

3. Can You Prepare A Written Agreement Specifying The Service You Will Provide?

Needless to say, it has to be detailed. A written specification of the service should be part of the contract. It should detail exactly what you will receive from the operational team. Areas that will be cleaned, costs, and specifications of cleaning equipment should be mentioned. Also, the number of written personnel and work hours should be available. You need to have a full picture of what you’re paying for.

4. Will The Same Personnel Clean My Facility?

The larger your facility, the more people you need to clean it.

Do you want many new people in your facility or a familiar crew whose names you learn? It’s best if you build a long-term work relationship with specific cleaning personnel for 2 reasons.

The 1st is trust, where people you know for longer are more easily trusted with assets that need to be cleaned. And the 2nd is experience. The same personnel mean that over time, they do a better job.

They’ll know well the ins and outs of your premises. So the amount of time needed for cleaning is reduced.

That familiar crew will work faster and more efficiently.

5. Can I Meet The Operational Manager For My Account?

Usually, an operational manager will be handling the hands-on aspects of cleaning your assets. They can be on-site supervising the job. But also, they’ll be handling the files of your account with the commercial company. Look for a company that has a responsible operational manager with high standards. You want a manager with years of experience, and a strong understanding of routine and training procedures.

And speaking of training procedures…

6. Can You Tell Me More About Your Safety Procedures And On-Site Training?

Safety is important. In case of an accident, the safety focused companies will help you avoid costs related to harmed employees or assets. But also, safety procedures reflect the company’s sense of responsibility.

As for training procedures, ask to see the amount of experience required for personnel to be certified. Then consider specializations. There are many different types of training, especially in the cleaning business. Training can be specialized to medical cleaning, industrial cleaning, and school cleaning.

Check to see if the personnel at your chosen company are specialized with your type of facility.

Ask how employees are incentivized. Non-motivated employees are likely to be less than great performers.Of course there are more questions you can ask

You can try to learn more about the relationship between management and employees. Ask for turnover rates, and ask specific employees about their experiences. After all, individual employees will be the one doing the cleaning job.

But beyond asking questions, you can always ask for recommendations. Good cleaning commercial companies have excellent reputations.They service many accounts for long periods of time. So you’ll surely find one that’s well-known in your area!



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