The best way to keep your office clean between cleaning service visits is to make it easier to keep it clean than to make it messy. Sounds easy, but is it realistic? It can be with a little organization and forethought. By thinking through your daily routine, you can find a lot of small changes that are easy to make but will have a big impact. Nobody wants to work in a dirty space but often apathy and inertia lead to just that.

Waste bins

Instead of having one big bin in the corner of the office for everyone to use, have a small bin at everyone’s desk. That way it means rubbish is more likely to find its way straight to a bin, rather than be left on a desk or a shelf. Bins are very inexpensive and a one time investment.

Cleaning Wipes

Having a supply of cleaning wipes available means small spillages and stains can be cleaned up immediately, before they become harder to remove. Wipes cost very little but are useful in a wide range of situations. A little effort like this on behalf of the management encourages the employees to take the initiative when it comes  to keeping the office clean. Wipes also sanitize and kill germs, very important in promoting a healthy workplace.

Keyboard Air Duster

Another office essential is a can or two of keyboard air dusters. A quick shot of this each day prevents the buildup of dust and dirt on your keyboard, often one of the dirtiest places in the office. It doesn’t take long for a keyboard to become full of dust and grime but that is easily preventable with a spray or two at the end of each day.

Cut Down on Paper

One of the biggest causes of mess and clutter in an office is an excess of paper files and printouts. There is massive waste, and therefore massive cost, associated with paper. Old pages and files can quickly take over a desk and the more there is, the easier it is for more dirt to hide under and behind it. By moving to digital storage you can not only keep the office cleaner, but also save money.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

The number one cause by far of dirt in an office is food and drink. Spillages, crumbs and dirty cups and plates contribute to an unhygienic workplace. It is easy to fall into a habit of eating lunch and drinking coffee at your desk, particularly if you are busy. Make it a rule in the office that food and drink is to stay in the canteen. This can be very beneficial for the employees as well. Leaving your immediate work environment for even a few minutes allows you to have a proper break and give your mind a rest. A small reboot like that every so often can do wonders for productivity.

Organize the Office Better

Factories that are much larger and potentially much dirtier than any office have been keeping themselves clean and organized using a system called 5S for years. Much of the principles are equally applicable to an office as they are to a production floor. Essentially 5S means having just what you need at your work station and having a place for everything. Get the staff to have a think about what they actually need at their desks and remove everything else. Standardize the layout of desks etc. so that it is easier to monitor and sustain a level of cleanliness. Clutter free, open spaces lend themselves to cleanliness much easier than crowded, cluttered areas. You should be able to see if everything is as it should be simply by looking at it.

Get a Red Tag Box

Another concept from 5S is a red tag box. This is a box that people can put anything that isn’t being used or they are unsure where it should go. It gives people somewhere to put these things quickly so they can get on with their work and keep the place clean. Have someone check it once a week to decide what to do with whatever is in it. This keeps with the idea of making these ideas as easy as possible for everyone. If the correct way is easy, people will follow it.

Lots of Vertical Storage

Get a lot of tall storage shelves/units. While they take up very little floor space, they can hold an impressive amount. This keeps floors and desks free, not only making them easier to clean but preventing them from getting dirty in the first place.

It can take a little time and effort but some organization and thought can really make a big difference in keeping your office clean between cleaning service visits. The little money that you spend is an investment that will save you money and time in the long run. All these ideas are easy to implement. Simple things like having more bins and wipes can be done today. Even the more complex 5S concepts are something that can be up and running in less than a week. On top of that, employees find these changes very easy to accept because they are designed to make things simpler for them. Make the clean way the easy way!

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