Clean seems like a simple concept, but in reality it is a very inexact standard. Look around the desks in any office and you can see the full range of what people consider clean. In most cases, we concentrate on the visual. If it looks clean, then it is clean. This is a grave mistake. To see just why, let’s look at a standard we can all agree on. While we may be fine with our desks being sort of clean, we are never okay with our bodies being sort of healthy.We want the very best for our health and this is what the gold standard should be for a clean office.

clean office

Cleaning is, at its most basic, an effort to protect our health and safety.

We shouldn’t consider somewhere clean until it is an environment that is beneficial to our health. If a facility looks and smells nice but still has bacteria on surfaces and in the air then it isn’t clean. Unfortunately, that often isn’t easy and people are inclined to take the easy option. They will be satisfied with somewhere looking neat, rather than have to do the kind of intensive work that makes a facility really clean.

The workplace is one of the primary centers for transmission of illnesses. A common example of the potential for a disease to spread is at an airport. In a few hours that virus can be on several different continents. This happens on a small scale at work every day. We bring any number of microbes from work to our homes, to the gym, to the bar etc. It doesn’t even have to be a particularly serious illness to have a major impact. The common cold or flu can have a serious effect on the productivity of your employees and on your family life at home.

Workplaces can never really be considered a clean office until bacteria and viruses have been killed and removed. This is much more difficult in a workplace than in a home, more people to deal, bathrooms are used more often, canteens have a much higher foot traffic. However, many companies try to manage this using products designed for the home and cleaners whose professional experience doesn’t extend beyond the domestic. Companies can feel confident hiring a commercial cleaning company.

While people are acutely aware of the danger of airborne microbes, very few consider the risk posed by dirty surfaces. Contact transmission is the main method by which diseases are communicated from person to person. Wiping a surface may make it look clean but it will not kill the various microbes living on it. These need to be cleaned with the correct product and there this a different type for viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. Not only that, they need to cleaned with the right frequency, based on a number of factors from employee headcount to shift patterns. A professional commercial cleaning company can assist with a smart cleaning schedule. While there is a rise in awareness of the potential health risks, people don’t try to understand the source of them. They will happily invest in measures such as hand sanitizers and face masks but rarely want to understand the root cause of these risks.

Even the places that need to be cleaned are different in a work environment. There generally isn’t a need to regularly clean the keyboard of a home computer. Even in the busiest home, it won’t get the kind of use that an office keyboard will. Keyboards are notorious for collecting dust, crumbs and germs and we spend the whole day touching it without even considering this. A can of compressed air and antibacterial wipes go a long way to combating the risks associated with this, but how many people do it?

The biggest obstacle in achieving a genuinely clean office, that properly protects your health and safety, is a simple lack of understanding of the risks involved. Even when that is understood, people apply domestic standards to a workplace environment that is drastically different. Usually, it’s only the experts that really understand what is required.

Commercial cleaning companies are the only ones with hands on experience to see the potential health risks in a supposedly clean office and to understand what action needs to be taken to combat them. Check out “Hire a commercial cleaning company or do it yourself?” By using that experience to carry out an assessment of the site and using industry best practices, they can clean a workplace to the most exacting standards. In depth knowledge of the huge range of tools and cleaning products available only to professional means they can provide a custom solution that will maintain a clean, healthy workplace.

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