The Benefits of hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning has always been one of the corners people are willing to cut to save money. There’s a common, but very wrong, assumption that cleaning is something easy to do right. In fact, the only reason people see it as a saving is because they don’t understand the potential costs in doing it wrong. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is it money well spent, it will save you money in the long run. To understand the importance of professional cleaning it is necessary to understand what a professional cleaning company can offer a client.


Commercial cleaners look after properties every day. They have encountered every problem, damage and stain imaginable. When they come to your premises, they bring that experience with them. They know exactly how to get wine stains out of carpets without damaging them. They restore floors damaged with oil stains to brand new.

Attempting difficult problems like this yourself usually means an hour on Google finding conflicting and inaccurate advice, another hour searching for the right products to use and then finally a couple of hours trying to clean the stain, often making the damage worse in the process.

A professional cleaning company knows exactly what they need to solve the problem, with no messy side effects, and in less time than it takes to boot your laptop.


Professional cleaners have access to the most powerful and effective tools and products in the business. Because they work on such a variety of jobs, they can carry specialist products for each different material they work on, be it wood, tile, concrete, etc. It makes no sense for individuals to do this, so they tend to end up using multipurpose products that aren’t really effective for anything. Coupled with an in depth knowledge of how to use those products effectively, professional cleaners can bring properties to the kind of high quality finish that you could only dream of achieving.

Commercial cleaning companies also invest in high performance, industrial strength machinery. Built with heavy duty operations in mind, this kind of equipment is not only effective but extremely efficient. Cleaners can cut through dirt and grime with almost no effort, meaning a job is not only done well but done quickly. The quicker a job can be done, the more cost efficient it will be for the client.

Contrast this with the kind of home cleaning equipment many people use to attempt cleaning jobs. These tools have very light motors, cheap materials etc. and are not designed for any kind of extended use. So, on top of having to pay the full price of a tool, people often have to buy a second one when the motor burns out or it breaks because it can’t stand up to the stresses of a job.


The most dangerous place in your home or business is often the cleaning supplies storage. Cleaning products contain a wide range of very powerful, very dangerous substances. Bleaches, solvents, cleaning agents can all be lethal in the wrong hands. Mixing toilet cleaner and bleach releases a dangerous, noxious gas for example. The damage they can do to floors, fittings and equipment when not used properly cannot be underestimated. Professional cleaners have the training, experience and personal protective equipment to handle these compounds safely, protecting not only themselves but your property too.

Using a weak multipurpose cleaning product may not get a stain removed, yet misusing a powerful cleaning product can cause irreparable damage to your property. Tile floors have been cracked, marble bathrooms destroyed, fabrics burned, all because someone tried to save money by trying to do it themselves.

Cost effective

Money spent on hiring a professional cleaning company is not a cost, it is an investment. Like all investments, it pays dividends in the long run. A professional cleaning job will bring a home or business to a finish that is beyond the reach of any amateur. It instantly adds value to any property or vehicle by bringing out its very best qualities.

Regular professional cleaning by a commercial cleaning company means less overall maintenance and its associated costs. Businesses invest heavily in Total Preventative Maintenance programs in a bid to manage costs. A huge part of that is effective cleaning and it has been shown again and again that commercial cleaning companies are the best option for doing this.

People do not appreciate that their time has a cost to it. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you are freeing up your own time for more important tasks. Not only that, but because commercial cleaners are so experienced and so efficient, they will be able to complete the job in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to do it.

In the very unlikely event that anything should go wrong, a commercial cleaning company has the necessary business insurance to see that everything is put right as quickly as possible. Contrast this with the highly probable likelihood that you will damage something yourself, where you have no recourse and you will see why this is a very wise investment.

A commercial cleaning company can bring economies of scale to bear on the costs of a job, particularly larger projects.

If you try to do a job like this yourself, you are faced with the prospect of buying products and possibly equipment at the retail price. Professional cleaners buy products at a discounted trade price and will already have the equipment available to them, meaning they can pass part of these savings on to the client.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is no longer the difficult decision it once was. Not only is it more effective, in terms of both cost and time, it is more sensible. It guarantees you a level of safety and quality that just doesn’t exist when you try to do it yourself.

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