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Signs you need to hire commercial cleaning services: One day you get to work, you notice the entrance is a bit dusty, but it’s okay, you’ll ask someone to clean it, right? Then you are in your office and before sipping your first cup of coffee you notice the windows are stained, you try to ignore it but when you look down, your carpet has a huge stain that surely didn’t go away the first 3 times you try to clean it yourself; feel related to this story? Then you know what to do next.

Your business can’t be entirely successful if it’s not spotless; first impressions matter, not only to your clients but to your employees. Nobody wants to work in a messy environment, and certainly, nobody wants to hire the services of an untidy business.

So to improve your business image, to make your staff feel proud of their job and, of course, to keep your workplace spotless, you will need to search for commercial cleaners in Chicago, and that is when City Wide Jani can help you.

What types of commercial cleaning services do I need?

commerical cleaning services

The first thing you need to consider when looking for commercial cleaners in Chicago is the space that needs to be cleaned and how many times do you want the service to be provided.

A corporate cleaning service in Chicago may include the common areas, bathrooms, cubicles, carpets, floors and even parking lots. It’s important for you and the cleaning enterprise to determine exactly the area that needs to be cleaned, because that way you can get an exact budget and the enterprise can determine how many employees and types of machinery to send.

The service time also has to be discussed in the contract, because you can request commercial cleaning services for just one time or schedule it as a regular service every week or month for our commercial cleaners to visit your Chicago location. Once this is settled, you can choose between the types of commercial cleaning we offer at City Wide:

    • General Office Cleaning: it can be a light or moderate cleaning, depending on your needs. A light cleaning is perfect for small business with no regular visits from clients; the service includes vacuuming, dusting, and floor mopping done by our Chicago-based commercial cleaners. While a moderate or deep service is great for businesses with a large number of employees and regular clientele visits, it goes deeper into the mentioned activities, adding the cleanse of computers and other equipment, desks, kitchen countertops and toilets.
    • Industrial Cleaning: this is the kind of cleaning that factories, warehouses, generating plants, constructions and other industrial workplaces need. It also includes a light or heavy type of cleaning, it’s purpose is not only keeping the place clean but to make it safe and hygienic for everyone. Depending on the type of cleaning needed and the location of the workplace, an industrial cleaning service may involve removing hazardous chemicals, general inspection of the areas, machinery repair, among others. Evidently, it’s a bigger responsibility and the personnel in charge of these chores needs to be professionally trained and the cleaning enterprise must have the local safety permissions like our commercial cleaners in Chicago.
    • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation: bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly, especially if we are talking about medical facilities or schools. There are daily and weekly cleaning procedures, that involve deep scrubbing the surfaces of toilets and urinals, using disinfectants, germicides and other cleaning products. An important part of this type of cleaning service is that all parts of the restroom need to be cleaned, that means door handles, countertops, dispensers, light switches, mirrors, and partitions; restrooms can become a nest of infections and bacteria if not cleaned properly.
    • Parking Lot Maintenance: a service not so common, it’s also useful for workshops or mechanics business owners. Uses high-pressure water sprays to remove really difficult oil stains, dried paint, grime, mold, mud and even chewing gum; the regular kind of dirt you would find in a parking place or a mechanical workshop.
    • types of commercial cleaning servicesCarpet Cleaning: quite popular among hotels and theaters, with the right equipment, we remove any kind of stains, allergens and dirt in carpets using methods like steam cleaning, vacuuming and dry cleaning systems for delicate textures. This particular service is a way of giving your regular furniture and floors a new look, it is also cheaper than buying new ones. It also promotes the maintenance of a healthy workplace because it gets rid of bacteria and fungus.
    • Move In and Out Cleaning: selling or buying? This service focuses on cleaning even those hard spots of your house or apartment, whether you are moving in or out. Hiring this type of cleaning allows you only worry about the moving instead of how the new owner is going to find the place or if your new home will be free of stains and bacteria. Remember, a spotless home will get your security deposit back, and it will surely help to ensure your place for a future sale.
    • Pest control service: Among the many benefits of pest control service, the first and the most important benefit is it helps you to get rid of the harmful pests from your home, office or restaurants and also helps you to protect your property such as wooden furniture.
      • Pests spread diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika, and West Nile Viruses. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional team of pest control experts before there is an outbreak to prevent pests associated with health risks. As it’s common to use poisonous chemicals to completely exterminate the pests and eliminate their potential return, it’s wise to let the professionally trained experts handle these chemicals instead of handling it on your own.
      • Sudden pest outbreak can destroy a restaurant’s reputation, transmit diseases, damage customer’s health, lower sanitation grades, and cause issues for health inspection. However, the main purpose of commercial cleaning services is to successfully identify the reasons for infestation, prevent the cause and educate the clients to avoid future issues.
      • A pest control service not just provide you with a single service, instead they provide a package of several services that are divided according to a certain time interval. With these continuous set of commercial cleaning services performed by our team out of Chicago, IL, it will be easier to completely omit the pests for a lifetime and have long-term health relief.
    • Bank cleaning service: In industries where the image is everything, it is crucial to have a pristine facility. For financial institutions, customers judge you the moment they walk in the door. That’s why getting help from our commercial cleaners is always a wise move to make sure your Chicago facilities look impeccable day after day to bring in business.
      • A fresh, spotless area will help you to build trust, goodwill and give you space and a fresh mindset to focus on your clients. Hiring our commercial cleaners will help you to make the most of your Chicagoland location and create an environment that attracts more clients and maintain effective meetings and transactions. Our commercial cleaners also assist to protect the investment in luxury surfaces like marble, hardwoods, and fine upholstery.
    • Construction cleaning service: Among the competitive market, construction industries are at the top. Not only you must provide top-notch service on time and on budget in the construction business but also you need to fulfill your client’s every expectation. So if you neglect to hire professionally trained cleaning experts to thoroughly clean your construction site after the job is done then the job will remain unfinished.
      • To make the construction projects sparkle and to put your best foot forward you must hire a commercial cleaning service that uses the best techniques and environmentally friendly products to meet and exceed the client’s requirements and remove all traces of the construction process to leave you newly built spaces ready for occupants.
      • Construction and remodeling create an enormous amount of dust and debris. So unless dealt with thoroughly, the dust and debris can find its way deep into the newly renovated buildings, leaving the new spaces looking dull and dingy. That’s why you must choose a commercial cleaning service to get your Chicago-based office, showroom or other newly built spaces looking brighter and cleaner.
    • Medical Facilities cleaning: For cleaning and disinfecting, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, doctors’ offices have the most strict requirements. To exceed the industry standard for cleanliness and infection control you must choose a commercial cleaning service that provides environmentally-friendly methods to keep your facilities pristine and also protect the planet.
      • Medical office or facilities require a lot more disinfecting than most other cleaning jobs, that’s why to properly clean health care spaces, it takes more time and money. However, to protect your patients and maintain the work environment inside the medical center, disinfecting the entire medical facility is worth the investment.
      • That’s why it’s important to employ commercial cleaners in Chicago to keep your facility in top shape for good health and best practices to win the trust of your clients.
    • Schools and Universities cleaning service: For a good education, a clean environment is a must. The main reason behind hiring a commercial cleaning service is to provide positive bottom-line benefits to your institution by evaluating your needs and creating the best programs for your schools and universities so you can focus on educating the students.
      • That’s why you need to choose the best commercial cleaners in Chicago for your schools and universities. We can help to ensure that your students, faculty members, and visitors are feeling safe and comfortable.
    • Floor Cleaning: No matter how big or small your business is every business welcome foot traffic. The dirt, dust, and scuffs left by your customers make your office, showroom, and other spaces look dirty, dull and dingy. But to project a professional image to your new and old clients, you need to make sure your facilities are spotless.
      • When you choose our commercial cleaners in Chicago for floor cleaning, you can expect to get more than the mop-and-bucket treatment. Our commercial cleaners out of Chicago not only work to make your floor look spotless, but they also use the latest and best techniques and methods to reduce the illness circulating in your offices or facilities that may harm your customers or employees and extend the longevity of your flooring.
    • Window Cleaning: To keep your business looking attractive and inviting to your clients, you can never overlook the cleanliness of your windows. If your office windows are dull and dingy, then it will project an unprofessional image of your business. That’s why to put your best face forward, you must put an emphasis on the importance of keeping your office windows clean.
      • With the help of our Chicago-based commercial cleaners, you will get more than wiping a wet rag over the windows. Not only does the service provide you with a better view, but also eliminates the dust and dirt from your windows to improve your indoor air quality.
    • Building Maintenance: Every building and facility is unique, that’s why you must create a customized maintenance plan for each facility. A commercial cleaning service routinely inspects the maintenance plan and ensures to meet and exceed the requirements of the customers.
      • In the case of building maintenance, most commercial cleaning services include services like janitorial service, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, day porters, upholstery cleaning and many more. So you must employ a commercial cleaning service for your building maintenance to increase the life expectancy of your assets and keep everything in check so you don’t meet any costly large-scale repairs in the future due to negligence.
    • AND MORE…

Why chooses City Wide Jani for your Chicagoland commercial cleaning services?

Once you know you need a business cleaning, the next question is “which one should I hire?” Scrolling down the Internet, you will notice that there are many options in the market, but you need to choose a commercial cleaners in Chicago that fulfill these requirements:

    • Experience in the cleaning field
    • Insurance
    • Specific services contract
    • Trained personnel
    • Cleaning supervisors
    • Safety procedures

Our Chicago-based corporate cleaning services accomplish all those requirements. We have a vast experience in cleaning apartment buildings, medical buildings, schools, restaurants, halls, large and small offices, construction sites, trailers, and banks, gaining the trust of many enterprises that regularly request our cleaning services.

We have our own insurance, because we are responsible for our employee’s safety. We also create a written specification of the services you are requesting for, detailing the cleaning costs, the areas to be cleaned, equipment specifications and the number of personnel and work hours that should be available so you can have the full picture of your investment.

Our team is formed by members that have been put through a rigorous training program; they are punctual, diligent and trustworthy men and women ready to provide the quality service that characterizes us. We also offer the supervision of an Operational Manager, who will oversee the cleaning process and will answer to all of your questions or extra requirements.

Finally, we take the safety of our team and your facilities very seriously; we are licensed, bonded and insured.

City Wide doesn’t have just one office cleaning service to offer; we have a broad range of alternatives that adapt to your business, time and specific needs.

City Wide Jani Inc. are a commercial cleaning company based in Chicago. We have over time proven ourselves to be the most efficient and most professional operation in the city. We are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as being accredited by the City of Chicago as a (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise and (WBE) Women Business Enterprise. City Wide also has a consistently maintained A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Illinois. City Wide is an owner-operated business that emphasizes that highest levels of quality control. Our senior management take an active role in the day to day operations of the company, including site visits to crews and are always available to clients.

We manage a diverse range of facilities across the city and take immense pride in maintaining them to the highest standards. As a company and a service, we always exceed our customer’s expectations and our business has been built on our reputation for unbeatable customer satisfaction. Our combined decades of experience, in both management and in our outstanding cleaning crews, means we can provide the perfect, cost effective solution for your business.

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