First impressions count and the visual aspect of a first impression is by far the most important. Your building’s entrance and reception area are the first things a guest or potential client sees when they arrive at your facility, but often the last thing considered when looking at your cleaning needs. With some forethought however, you design a building entrance that reflects your company’s style perfectly and creates a powerful and positive lasting impression on everyone who visits your site. A professional cleaning company has all the experience and expertise needed to plan and implement this for you, and to do so in a manner that requires the least amount of investment in money and maintenance.

So, what is important to consider when planning your front of house cleaning needs? Firstly, your entrance will have the highest foot traffic of any area within your facility. That foot traffic will also be of the kind that produces the highest amount of dirt and grime, employees and visitors arriving in with muddy or wet shoes, shaking off umbrellas etc. Illinois can be more challenging than most, given its weather, particularly in the winter. A major consideration is how to keep the entrance as clean as possible, without excessive cleaning costs.

The most cost effective way to keep your entrance clean is to stop it getting dirty in the first place. A professional cleaning company can tell you what additions you need to your entrance area that will facilitate this. Having such a vast amount of experience from working across a range of diverse sites means a professional cleaning company can tell almost instantly what will and what won’t work for you. By introducing the right kind of mats in the right locations, either inside or outside your entrance, can drastically reduce the amount of dirt that is visible. A cleaning company will also be able to advise on exactly what kind of mat will look best, and stay looking well even when wet etc., in your building. A well positioned umbrella rack and coat rack can also be excellent but low cost additions.

Secondly, safety is a major factor, especially in winter. Water and mud just inside the entrance not only make a facility look dirty and unkempt, they present a big risk factor when it comes to slips and falls. From an employee safety, as well as insurance, point of view, it is paramount that your entrance maintains a high level of safety in even the most inclement weather conditions.

A professional cleaning company will have carried out many risk assessments in a different range of facilities and will have the experience to identify and then mitigate the risks in your building. Your entrance will feature prominently in this. It can be a high risk area, especially in Illinois winters where accidents often happen when transitioning from indoor surfaces to potentially icy, wet outdoor areas.

What’s your cleaning IQ

Thirdly, a custom cleaning schedule needs to be designed, specific to your facility. No two buildings are the same. Location, shift patterns and time of year are just some of the factors that need to be considered when coming up with the optimum cleaning schedule. With the right schedule, the time and money involved in maintaining your entrance is minimized. For example, scheduling a floor cleaning for a reception area at 8a.m makes no sense if a shift change happens at 8.15am.

It’s hard to know how often, when or even how to keep something as important as an entrance clean  and safe. An experienced cleaning crew can do this discreetly and efficiently, so that no extra work or worry is placed on your company’s employees. The best cleaning crews can adjust cleaning schedules over time to meet different demands at different times of year, as well as use their experience to spot potential problems before they happen. Professional cleaning companies have saved their clients millions of dollars each year by preventing accidents, flooding and potential storm damage, as well as presenting their facilities in the very best possible light.

City Wide Jani are a commercial cleaning company based in Chicago. We have over time proven ourselves to be the most efficient and most professional operation in the city. We are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as being accredited by the City of Chicago as a (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise and (WBE) Women Business Enterprise. City Wide also has a consistently maintained A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Illinois. City Wide is an owner-operated business that emphasizes that highest levels of quality control. Our senior management take an active role in the day to day operations of the company, including site visits to crews and are always available to clients.

We manage a diverse range of facilities across the city and take immense pride in maintaining them to the highest standards. As a company and a service, we always exceed our customer’s expectations and our business has been built on our reputation for unbeatable customer satisfaction. Our combined decades of experience, in both management and in our outstanding cleaning crews, means we can provide the perfect, cost effective solution for your business.

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