Have you noticed a spike in the number of people in your office coming to work with a cough or cold? Then its time to take measures to minimize the spread of germs in the office.

We all know that the restroom harbors germs. But many other places in the office are swarming with germs, but which escape our attention.

Work desk and office equipment

Do you know that your work desk is a big reservoir for germs? As people come and go, they make contact with your desk. Jack from finance has a cold, and he comes to your desk for an update on the new project your company is working on, splattering plenty of germs from his nose unto the edges of your desk. It gets worse if there are shared facilities such as phones, fax machines, and photocopiers. It’s essential to have hand sanitizers in place at these places in the office, on your desk and the office should provide wipes suitable for electronics which employees can use to sanitize general equipment.

Most people also do not know that their computers, keyboards, and mice carry a lot of germs because while we have contact with these devices all day long, rarely do people take out some time to wipe them with disinfectants.

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The Break-room

The break-room is also one of the dirtiest places in the office. Employees bring different kinds of meals to the office and keep them in the fridge, microwave them and wash their hands at the faucet when they are through with their lunch. Every point of human contact with these appliances is packed with germs from sneezes, cough and the likes. The handle of the refrigerator door, microwave door handles, the handle of the break-room sink faucets, the buttons on the vending machine and the water fountain are at every point in time contaminated with germs. Coffee pots and dispensers are also not left out.

The tables, chairs, counter-tops, and sink can also harbor a large number of germs, and workers unwittingly contaminate these surfaces, increasing the chances of coworkers been infected with the germs and further spreading them.

During flu season, it is essential to take extra care when handling these surfaces to reduce the spread of the germs in and outside the office. Tables and chairs should be wiped down regularly, and the handles on the refrigerator and microwave doors should be wiped clean as well. It is also advisable to set aside a day each week for a comprehensive cleanup of the fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, and the sink.

Disinfect once a Day

Your work desk should also be disinfected at least once a day. Also, wipe down your computer, desk phones, fax machines, and photocopier. Your mouse and the keyboard shouldn’t be left out as they can also be a depository for germs.

Make sure you always have a hand sanitizer on your desk at all times. Whenever you handle public utilities in the office and outside the office, make sure to disinfect your hands with a sanitizer. Also, apply hand sanitizer after meetings and office break. Unconsciously, your mouth is making a lot of contact with your contaminated hands. The least you can do is to limit the number of germs getting into your system. It’s also advisable to keep hand sanitizers in high-touch areas of the office so that people can develop the habit of using it.

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