Don’t Forget to Check Off These 7 Things

As a facility manager, you have numerous things to take care of and tasks to accomplish every day. This hectic routine can take a toll on your efficiency and productivity. You may lose sight of what you need to do, especially if you don’t have a checklist to remind you of your tasks for a specific project. After all, facility management is all about managing workplaces and improvising facilities in a way that leads to happier workers and decreased workplace expenses for a business. In this article, we will help you prepare a 7-point facility management checklist to help you keep tabs on your facility management projects.

7 Points Facility Management Checklist for Improved Results

Facility Management Checklist: Don’t Forget to Check Off These 7 ThingsWhile there are many things that you probably have to monitor, here are 7 most important things that you need to check as a part of every facility management project that comes your way. These things will not consume a significant bit of your time, but they’ll help you a great deal in ensuring that you deliver great results to your company by providing them with productive and cost-effective facility management solutions.

1: Total energy utilization

Cost of utility and use of energy are often high-cost areas for companies. By installing energy savers such as energy saver bulbs and lights, motion sensor lighting, automatic electricity cut-off mechanisms, and upgrading old appliances, you can help your company with total energy utilization.

2: Optimum space utilization

Using robust facility management solutions, you can plan optimum utilization of workspaces. If your company has restructured their workforce and laid off employees, you can offer them more flexible seating plans. Unless you are periodically inspecting office spaces, you cannot provide efficient space utilization solutions. Make it a part of your daily routine to check on empty desks, chairs, and underused office spaces so you can provide better workspace utilization solutions to your company.

3: Signs of corrosion and overflowing drains

As a facility manager, you must check signs of corrosion on different plumbing pipes, shower heads, and water faucets in buildings and work facilities. Even though they are not critical to the functioning of the workplace, they are not a delight to the eyes. All the drains at your facility must be tested for flow rate. If there are any clogged drains, get them hydro jetted to restore their functionality. You can contract a plumbing service providing company to help you examine signs of corrosion and clogged drains.

4: Facility exterior and elevator maintenance

One of the most important aspects of facility management is ensuring that the workspaces and buildings look presentable and clean. Get the surrounding areas cleaned by clearing litter and debris. Track overgrown shrubs, creepers, and low-hanging branches, and get them trimmed from time to time. Periodically examine roofs to check for potential leakages during the stormy season. Get parking spaces, and pavements washed thoroughly at least once a month. If your facility has elevators, schedule review inspections every month to ensure the safety of your staff. While you may not be able to manage everything single-handed, you can contract a commercial cleaning company to undertake the job for you.

5: Air conditioning vent maintenance

Check filters to ascertain whether they need to be changed. Get dirty filters cleaned as they can create problems for workers with allergies and asthma. Replace filters frequently in 2-3 months. Examine air vents for molds and dust and get them cleaned if required. If you find contaminants in the building’s air supply, get the air condenser and duct coil cleaned.  This is another area where contracting a commercial cleaning company would be a smart idea.

6: Security, electrical, and fire safety

A security system is a must to avoid burglary and prevent major losses for a company. If security systems are already installed at your facility, check if their working properly. If your security system is worn out and old, it’s a good idea to replace it with advanced security systems on the market to ensure complete safety of your workspace. Check sprinklers that are used in an emergency for any structural damage and review fire safety plans every month to make sure the plans are upgraded.

7: Restroom, kitchen, and main working area maintenance

Sanitation is the most critical aspect of facility management, and as a facility manager you cannot afford to skip it. Make sure the restroom and kitchen are thoroughly sanitized. Disinfect all surfaces, sinks, countertops, etc., check cracked tiles that need repair, ensure the soap is refilled timely and the bins are cleared on a regular basis. Especially in the kitchen area, make sure that the interior and exterior of the microwave, water-cooler, refrigerator, and stove-top are spick and span. Get the carpets shampooed and vacuumed occasionally, to overcome stale odors and contaminants. Examine the unreachable corners of the building for cobwebs and get them eliminated. Since you’ll be contracting a commercial company for facility exterior and elevator maintenance, and air conditioning vent maintenance, you can use the same company for the restroom, kitchen, and main working area maintenance.

The bottom-line

As a facility manager, it is your responsibility to ensure workspace happiness, well-being, and efficiency. You need to be at the top of everything. By having processes streamlined, safety measures in place, and contracting top-rated commercial cleaning companies, you’ll rest assured that nothing slips out of your hand. So, get rid of the randomness and save this 7-point facility management checklist to deliver cost-effective results.

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