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Say A Sweet Goodbye To The Logistical Nightmare of Dealing With Dirty and Untidy Spaces.

Dear Property Manager

If the provision of healthy, attractive, and comfortable living/working conditions is a top priority, this will be one of the most important messages you read.


Property management is a difficult job. Probably a lot like herding cats. Everything is moving in different directions. Your priority is to stay on top and ensure effectiveness and productivity.

There's always an activity or something that requires your time.

But that wouldn't be an excuse if your premises are unorganized and uninviting.

What if you had a playbook that showed you exactly how to maintain neat and tidy spaces continually?

You probably have little to no time to spend supervising cleaning activates so… IF you could use the help, you are welcome to download our free Property Managers Cleaning Checklists.


Overcome the challenges of keeping track of everything that needs cleaning without becoming overwhelmed.

Overcome the challenges of supervising and staying on top of your property cleaning needs.

Discover the cleaning supplies to acquire to gain better, hygienically safe, and welcoming environments, and more!

We have segmented the checklists into four distinctive sections for easy assimilation.

Building Interior Cleaning Checklist
Building Exterior Cleaning Checklist
Move-In Cleaning Checklist
Cleaning Supplies Checklist

All you have to do to access these super resourceful property cleaning guides is signup with your email. We'll send the checklists to your email. So ensure you enter your best email.

After download, you can keep the guide in its interactive digital format and check off each item with a simple click. Or you can print it out, pin it to a bulletin board, and use it to track your cleaning activities.

Download the checklists now while they are still available for FREE and start enjoying cleaner and more hygienic spaces. 

At the same time, save time and resources as you focus on more productive property management duties.

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