Good customer service is ranked as one of the most important aspects of a business by its clients. It’s often hard to explain just why and how it has such a big effect though. It’s obvious that if you’re good to your customers, they will be happy but exactly what benefits and opportunities does it present you with?

Your customers become your salespeople

The oldest and still most effective method of marketing is word of mouth. Having someone recommend you is worth more than any tv ad or celebrity endorsement. We trust our family and friends more than we ever will trust advertising. Every time you deliver really good customer service, you are hiring a new ambassador for your brand. In fact, when recommending a great service, people often feel they are doing others a favor in sending them to you. Reputation is crucial in business and each small, thoughtful action made towards good customer service builds that reputation. This is doubly important in the service industry, particularly in industries like property management, commercial cleaning companies, IT outsourcing and transport, where lucrative contracts are often won on reputation and recommendation.

How you do business improves

By providing good customer service, you are necessarily close to your customer. When you are close to your customer, you are much more aware of their needs, their issues and infinitely more responsive. Customers like to feel that they are listened to and love to give feedback. Great customer service makes a customer feel like they are important to your business and helps to build a strong relationship. Their feedback gives you the opportunity to improve your business processes. They can make you aware of potential problems before they happen and let you know exactly what needs to change so their needs are perfectly satisfied. A business with this kind of insight can reduce costs, boost sales and stay ahead of their competition very easily.

Your marketing becomes more effective

The most heavily marketed services or products are usually the ones that are unexceptional. Bentley and Ferrari don’t have to advertise for a very good reason. Great customer service is a core part of a great product and great products sell themselves. By building a reputation for good customer service, you are investing in the most effective marketing strategy there is. A solid reputation outshines the “all style, no substance” marketing campaigns we are familiar with today. Your service will actually have something to back up its claims; a proven track record of winning and retaining big contracts, excellent testimonials and references from clients, the ability to show you always deliver on your promises.

Your sales grow organically

When your customers receive great service they will trust you and they will want to stay with you. It can be very difficult to find a reliable service provider today. Too many companies just focus on the bottom line and will cut corners wherever possible. They will charge you less, but they will also do the absolute minimum amount of work for that price. When customers find a service supplier they can trust, they will become long term, loyal customers. This is what really drives success in business. Constantly converting new customers is expensive and time consuming. Regular clients will buy more from you, require less of your time and because they know and trust your business, they are also willing to pay more for your service. They require no extra marketing or selling, all because your excellent customer service has reassured them that you will take care of their needs.

Your team performs better

It’s not only the customers and business owners that benefit from great customer service. Part of delivering great service is listening to the employees and taking on board their suggestions. They know how a business works better than anyone. They are at the coalface every day and are integral to providing excellent service. A team that feels valued and motivated will project that to customers. In turn, customers will be much easier to deal with. The kind of open, positive work environment that is brought about by focusing on customer service is a great place to work. Employees will be more productive, more open to admitting and remedying mistakes and will remain with the company longer.

When great customer service is received everyone involved feels like a stakeholder, owners, employees and customers. It is that very feeling that builds strong business relationships that are mutually beneficial to everyone. Business is not a zero-sum game, it can be a win-win situation for everyone and a focus on good customer service is what brings that about.

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