It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment with a new construction site. After waiting for months on end, you finally have a finished project. All there is left to think about is filling the space with furniture and individuals who are eager to work in a brand-new environment, right?

In actuality, one of the most overlooked elements of the new construction process is post-construction cleaning. You’d expect that since your new construction is complete, cleaning might not be necessary; however, post-construction cleanup services are more necessary now than ever before.

For all your post-construction cleanup services in Chicago and Baton Rouge is here for you. We have a group of highly trained professionals who will clean up your commercial construction site so that you don’t have to.

Without a post-construction cleanup service, you are much more susceptible to inhaling dirt, debris, and other common pollutants that can result in a weakened immune system and lungs. For the safety of your team, contact City Wide Jani today and schedule an appointment for members of our team to travel to your jobsite and perform a detailed cleaning.

Our team will begin our post-construction cleanup services by carefully analyzing the area to determine the safest, most efficient way to clean the premises.

Our commercial construction cleaning services in Chicago and Baton Rouge include, but are not limited to:

  • Dusting lighting fixtures
  • Dusting interior window fixtures
  • Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms
  • Vacuuming carpet
  • Mopping
  • Waxing
  • Sanitizing all common areas

Typically, post-construction cleanup services only require one visit from our team to get the job done. However, we are always happy to customize any service for you to feel confident with your space.

No post-construction cleanup in Chicago, IL and Baton Rouge, LA is too large for us to handle. Contact City Wide Jani today for a FREE quote.