Property management isn’t an easy business.

There’s a lot you can improve to get more (and better quality) tenants. But the question is, where do you start?

Do you improve your advertising? Are you trying to break into new markets? Or are you looking for new networks and referral systems?

The answer is a lot simpler than you think. It simply comes down to finding an efficient cleaning company for the property!

So Marketing Doesn’t Matter?

It absolutely does! But the problem with most property managers is that they tend to over-focus on marketing.

To give you an idea, when did you last think of hiring a professional commercial cleaner?

Probably never.

But, that’s a habit you’ll need to change. Hiring a commercial cleaner drastically improves your business. And if you’re not aware of what that improvement includes, then keep reading.

We’ll mention six things you should know about commercial cleaning companies!

First – They Have the Greatest Impact on First Impressions

A commercial cleaning company’s job starts before the tenant even arrives.

That is, say you have a vacant property, and you’re about to market it soon. You obviously want it to be as impressive as possible.

And nothing creates a stronger first impression than a clean unit!

It’s how tenants judge the quality of your property management.

In fact, that’s how most people judge products before paying. It’s always the first impression and the level of quality that’s visible.

Another factor is trust. If the property is clean, it means you care about the property’s condition. And this means you care about the tenant’s experience.

As result, tenant’s will see you as responsive and considerate if future problems occur!

Essentially, a commercial cleaning company is a way of covertly marketing your property. They’ll help present you to tenants as someone who cares for quality.

Cleaning companies are a way of branding yourself. And on that topic…

Second – Commercial Cleaning Companies Also Represent the Tenant

Cleaning companies don’t just brand you to tenants. They also brand tenants to their visitors!

After all, the tenant is bound to invite others to the property during their stay. And that’ll apply to all kinds of property whether it be residential, a store, an office, or a service center!

But you’re probably wondering – how does a commercial cleaner make a tenant look better to visitors?

The answer is simple. After all, the building you rent isn’t just accessible to the tenant. It’s also accessible to the public!

But Do Tenants Care for That?
They might not be aware that commercial cleaning companies benefit their image. But as a property manager, it’s your job to inform them.

And it’s not a burden at all. In fact, it’s a sales pitch!

Remember, contracting a commercial cleaner is a guarantee of quality. Thus, you brand your property management business as one that cares for quality.

And as a result, you end up attracting tenants who are less likely to look for a bargain – and more likely to seek good property.

This makes finding the right tenants a lot easier for you. With a commercial cleaner’s help, you’ll attract the right kinds of tenants to each unit!

Third – Commercial Cleaners Save You Money

Professional cleaners do their jobs fast and efficiently.

Expect them to finish their jobs at much faster times than amateur cleaners. And this means they require less hours, thus lower overall pay!

But that’s not the only way they save you money. A professional cleaner uses the best tools, cleaning techniques, and products for their work.

Thus, they’re less likely to use products or techniques that lead to wear/tear in property. This means less deterioration, and less maintenance costs.

There’s also the scheduling to consider.

You might overestimate how often you’ll need a cleaning job done on a certain piece of property. This makes you prone to hiring cleaners for unnecessary sessions.

A professional cleaner will inform you how often you might need their service. They can judge a property’s activity levels, and decide how many times a week they should be available.

Over all, you’ll find yourself scheduling less sessions, which translates to less wasted money!

Fourth – They’re a Sanitary Necessity

COVID-19 has done a lot in terms of sanitary awareness.

Disinfectants, hand lotions, and tissues are now always at-hand. Plus, germ (and disease) awareness is at an all-time high.

Now, this isn’t a trend. Maintaining proper sanitation has become a requirement in every residential environment.

And this makes commercial cleaners a lot more valuable. After all, your tenant is bound to invite people over. And this makes it easy to spread germs in the property!

With a commercial cleaner, you minimize those issues. Strong disinfectants are a vital part of a professional cleaner’s kit. And they’re used in every part of a building, from restrooms and bedrooms, to railings, steps, and door handles!

This is something that both you and your tenant will value. If a tenant sees that their space is regularly disinfected, they’ll be more encouraged to renew contracts with you.

After all, they’ll feel safer. They know others living with them will feel safer too. And, your tenants will incur less costs from sick workers and healthcare insurance!

Fifth – Commercial Cleaners Require no Supervision

There’s a big difference between a professional cleaner and an amateur.

Amateur cleaners tend to be unreliable or still on-training. They’re not aware of the ins and outs of their line of work.

Thus, they need supervision. They need regular checkups to ensure that they’re doing work to a high standard.

Professional cleaners aren’t like that. Since they require little supervision, they leave you room to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can now invest more effort into marketing and advertising. You can invest more time interacting with clients!

And that’s not all! Professional cleaners don’t just make your life easier. They also make it easier for your tenants too!

Sixth – They Can Work around Your Tenant’s Activities

A key component of being a professional cleaner is flexibility.

No two pieces of property are the same. They won’t house the same objects, furniture, or levels of activity!

In fact, they won’t be in the same condition!

And this means good cleaners know how to adapt, and without interfering with your tenant’s activities.

This is an advantage. Because first, it means the cleaning company is more flexible as to when they’ll show up. So you don’t have to wait for them to clean after business hours!

Next is productivity. Your tenant will come to trust the cleaning company more, thus maintaining high productivity in their premises.

And let’s touch back on the second point. Having a cleaner show up regularly in an active commercial environment gives your tenant a better public image!

It shows they care for structure and regular sanitation!

I Want to Hire a Commercial Cleaner. What Should I Look For?

The first thing is experience. Look at how long they’ve been in business, and how well they’re received by clients.

Check reviews. See how far they go back. This should give you a good indication on whether they’re upholding quality standards.

Company size is another factor. Usually, the bigger and more branches a cleaning company has, the better.

It’s a sign that their standards are excellent, and that they train their cleaners well. Though you can still look for smaller services if they’re reputable.

In fact, smaller services are sometimes more preferable, due to their level of availability. You might find them more accessible than a larger cleaning company!

Next, you should look at look at location. You shouldn’t pick a commercial cleaner that’s too far away from your property.

Why? Because the commuting time might add up to cleaning costs. Even worse, you’ll get a less flexible cleaning schedule.

And this leads us to the third point – which is flexibility.

You want a cleaning company with a flexible schedule. That way, you’ll be able to find a routine that fits your tenants well.

What About Pricing?
That matters too, but never forgo quality for a lower priced service.

You can always shop around for a good deal. In fact, we recommend looking for commercial cleaners that offer direct and immediate quotes!

Those will save you time. And, they’ll give you healthy expectations on what your budget should be when hiring cleaners!

Final Note

As a property manager, you should see professional commercial cleaners as an investment.

They’re part of renovating and improving property. And not only that, but they’re also a branding tactic, and they keep property in good shape!

So we highly recommend investing in a professional. Don’t settle for bargains, and look for someone that’s worth your property and time!

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