Want to Know the Costs of Hiring a Commercial Cleaner? You should! Hiring a commercial cleaner is a commitment. You’ll need them on a routine basis, and this requires budget planning on your part. 

You need to have a solid expectation of how much you’ll be charged over a period of time. And the best way to do that is via a price chart! 

That’s what we’ll present below. We’ll give you accurate estimates of how much commercial cleaners cost. 

Also, we’ll outline the factors that affect prices, different types of services, and other tips to consider! 


To Start

If you run a business space that has lots of human traffic (employees, customers, etc.), getting a commercial cleaner is a must.

A commercial cleaner does so much for your business. They keep your public spaces clean, thus affecting customer first (and permanent) impressions. They also have the experience to clean complex spaces thoroughly and more importantly quickly.

Almost all commercial buildings will hire a commercial cleaner at some point. Those range from small restaurants to multi-floor offices.

Now comes an important question…


How Do Commercial Cleaners Charge You?

Keep in-mind that cleaners don’t always charge flat hourly rates. Many factors go into how your final bill is calculate.

Those factors include:

  • The space required to be cleaned
  • Material costs (detergents, advanced equipment, specific technologies)
  • Schedule specifics (how often per week is the cleaning team showing up?)

Plus, you should always be hiring a high quality service. That’ll cost you more, but a top-tier cleaner means you’ll never have to shop for alternatives in the long-run!


Commercial Cleaner Chart

Let’s look at the values paid by business owners for cleaning services. The prices in the table below list what you’ll pay for “high quality” commercial cleaners. They’re priced by square feet.

We’ll also mention the average amount of time spent by services per sq. ft. This’ll help you with services that opt to charge by hours instead of space.

Also, keep in-mind that the values below look at programs that clean three times a week. If you need your cleaner more, then you should budget accordingly:


Square Feet (+ Hours Required)

Weekly Cleaning Cost

0–1,000 (1 Hour)


1,000–5,000 (1 to 2 Hours)


5,000–10,000 (2 to 3 Hours)


10,000–20,000 (3 to 5 Hours)


20,000–40,000 (5 to 9 Hours)



Certain cleaning jobs will cost more than others. Depending on the type of flooring, windows, and specific cleaning techniques you require, expect to be charged the following:


Service Type

Cleaning Cost (per sq. ft)

Concrete & Tile Scrubbing


Floor Wax & Polish


Marble & Terrazzo Refinishes


Carpet Shampoo & Extraction


Strip & Wax Window Cleaning

$4.00–$8.00 (per window)


One more thing. The values we mentioned above are just cost estimates. Prices may change from one company to another, especially when factoring in expertise require and unique needs.

If you want 100% accurate pricing, we recommend contacting a professional for a quote. Many are happy to provide that to you through a website form or a phone call!


How Varied Are a Commercial Cleaner’s Services?

They’re quire diverse. Commercial cleaners often offer the following package:

  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning and Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Kitchen Care
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Handyman Packages
  • Electrostatic Disinfection

Also, commercial cleaners can provide specialized workers for the following facilities:

  • Industrial Spaces
  • Construction Areas (clean up jobs)
  • Religious Buildings
  • R&D and Clean Rooms
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Schools and Universities
  • Healthcare and Medical Buildings
  • Corporate Offices and Spaces

In Brief: How Much Do Commercial Cleaners Cost?

Expect to pay $200 to $400 monthly if you’re cleaning a small space and requires infrequent cleaning.

If your space is larger, and requires frequent cleaning with upkeep, you’ll need to increase your budget. This applies especially to larger spaces that require daily cleaning.

As you can see in the tables above, floor cleaning may cost anywhere from $0.12 to $0.50. That final price depends on the cleaning services you contracted, the size of space, location worked on, and the time of day too!

Obviously, you can tamper with your budget based on how often you’ll hire a cleaning services. You can choose to hire them only once a month. You can even choose to hire them for a set routine job that comes with a flat fee.

In fact…

A Few Tips on Cutting Cleaning Costs

Multiple factors affect how much commercial cleaners will charge (especially if they’re one-time services). Those factors include:

  • Timespan required to clean the premises
  • Numbers of rooms available in a space
  • Windows present in a room
  • Specific skills and tools needed to finish the job
  • Number of cleaning personnel required for the space


Special Considerations Affect Cleaning Costs

Premises that need intensive and kitchen and bathroom cleaning pay more. Also, complex structures in offices (like cubicles, large storage units, etc.) require more time and effort to clean, and thus add more to your bill.

Spaces crowded by objects are in a similar position, and so are locations with heavy human traffic. In fact, spaces crowded by individuals require more skill to maneuver and clean the space effectively.

Some commercial spaces require special safety considerations. Public spaces like schools are on that list, which require deep cleaning for children and students using the space.

Keep in mind that special tools are required to clean spaces with intensive hygiene needs. For starters, high-tech tools like electrostatic spray technologies may be needed in a space. And that’ll affect over all costs!

As for intensive hygiene area, labs are an example. Those type of areas need to be cleaned thoroughly, and almost daily. Other areas include healthcare facilities that should remain germ-free.

Manufacturing plants are on that list, where much machinery contains complex components with difficult to reach surfaces. Also, many manufacturing floors are crowded by workers who cannot be disturbed during work hours, and thus require special schedules for cleaning.

Shopping for a Commercial Cleaner?

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