When a business looks messy and disorganized, potential customers often jump to the conclusion that the business is unprofessional in all matters. The result is that they leave with a bad impression.

But potential clients aren’t the only ones who notice an unkempt office. Potential employees do, as well. An article on entrepreneur.com touches on this very topic. Does Your Organization Make a Great First Impression? lists the ways businesses can miss out on top talent. One of those is a messy office.

Remember, even if your office doesn’t cater to the public, it still needs to be kept up. A clean and organized  office shows that a business has pride of ownership. Further, applicants will be more inclined to believe that they would be comfortable working there.

City Wide Jani is a full-service commercial cleaning services company known for fast and reliable services in Chicago. We provide quality work at competitive rates. If your business is located in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, we’d love to talk with you about your commercial cleaning needs. Give us a call today at 773-643-7000 for a free quote!

City Wide Jani Inc. are a commercial cleaning company based in Chicago. We have over time proven ourselves to be the most efficient and most professional operation in the city. We are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as being accredited by the City of Chicago as a (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise and (WBE) Women Business Enterprise. City Wide also has a consistently maintained A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Illinois. City Wide is an owner-operated business that emphasizes that highest levels of quality control. Our senior management take an active role in the day to day operations of the company, including site visits to crews and are always available to clients.

We manage a diverse range of facilities across the city and take immense pride in maintaining them to the highest standards. As a company and a service, we always exceed our customer’s expectations and our business has been built on our reputation for unbeatable customer satisfaction. Our combined decades of experience, in both management and in our outstanding cleaning crews, means we can provide the perfect, cost effective solution for your business.

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